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1. Access to Education within a safe setting

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, accessing Education within a safe setting for those that are
deemed Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV), Clinically Vulnerable (CV) and those in
Diagnostic Odyssey (DO) was a challenging experience to say the least however the option was
there for Educators to make Exceptional teaching arrangements for these children and their

The difficulties for families, teachers and clinicians to access this fundamental human right
(Right to Education) has become harder during this Pandemic. Families are being referred to
EWO, Social Services and Courts due to unauthorised absences because of the danger that
Covid-19 poses to them or their CEV Children, due to Schools not having the power to use the
code for Exceptional Circumstances for all CEV Families.

To get access to this code we have been advised to now work with our clinicians but our
clinicians are unable to make a blanket decision for a whole family. We are hearing of GP's
unable to supply medical evidence for families to give to schools due to PHA advice.
With the Removal of CEV & CV status from Children and that Schools have opened and most
are now operating as normal with very little mitigations put in place we really want to highlight
alongside the Good Law Project that the Department for Education’s guidelines breach each of

Human Rights act 1998

Article 2: the right to life;
Article 8: the right to respect for private and family life;
Article 14: prohibition on discrimination in securing of HRA rights; and
Protocol 1, Article 2: the right to education

Equality Act 2010

s19: indirect discrimination
s20: duty to make reasonable adjustments to avoid putting a disabled person at substantial
s85(2): duty on school not to discriminate against a pupil in the provision of, or failure to provide,
education to them, or by subjecting them to any other detriment;
s89: and paragraphs 1-2 of Schedule 13: reasonable adjustments; and
s149: public sector duty.

At present our CEV CV families feel we have lost our rights and legal duties that protected us
pre-pandemic the Good Law Project’s case clearly shows this.

It is F4VL working alongside The Good Law Project’s mission to change this. We are
campaigning for change. We want to see Children that are CEV, CV or have family members
that are one of the above have their fundamental Human Rights respected and acted upon by
the powers that be, whether that be at Local, Devolved or Parliament level.
We want the Government to enact the following:

- Reevaluate the “paused” shielding programme, and consider developing an
opt-in system with clinicians & head teachers best placed to decide if their patients/pupils
need to shield.

- Develop specific guidance for all educational settings to ensure the option of
learning and teaching from home for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable learners and

- To consider the impact of continued high levels of community transmission on
the CEV and CV shielding community including those unable to shield, particularly in
relation to receiving safe routine medical care for their conditions when the NHS is
overcapacity and to be able to safely receive social care.

2. Access to Work within a safe setting

With Current PHA guidance it is business as normal in most workplace settings, however for
those that were previously shielding due to being classed as CEV, CV and DA it is physical and
mentally dangerous situation that the PHA and Government have put staff and business owners

We at F4VL want to campaign to allow those previously diagnosed as CEV, CV or currently
within a DA be afforded the equal opportunity of working in a safe environment.
We believe that the current guidance for employers from the PHA and Government go against
the fundamental human rights:

Human Rights act 1998

Article 2: the right to life;
Article 8: the right to respect for private and family life;

We want businesses and the Government to consider the following mitigations while employing
those previously deemed as CEV, CV and DA:

- Reevaluate the “paused” shielding programme, and consider developing an
opt-in system with clinicians & employers best placed to decide if their patients/staff
need to shield.

- Support employees with the opportunity to work from home and provide
appropriate resources to enable the staff member to do so as if they were working from
their office.

- Government to offer grants to small businesses to be able to purchase said IT
equipment to enable those staff previously identified to shield to work from home.

3. Access to safe Emergency Care (A+E)

During this Pandemic those that are CEV, CV and DA have tried to stay clear of
hospitals, F4VL know of a number of those that have been seriously hurt from falls and have not
been seen by medical professionals even though this is the best action but due to fear and
current pressures on our NHS and local Health Care providers. Those that require urgent
medical attention are not seeking it.

We at F4VL want the Government and NHS to reevaluate the current methods of Accident and
Emergency and to try and mitigate some of these issues regarding accessing emergency
medical care.

4. Access to safe social care and medical treatment

Alongside campaigning for safer schools, safer access to work and Emergency Care we
will be campaigning for safe access to social care and general medical needs.

While we understand that our health system is on its knees we are not campaigning against
them, we are campaigning for them.

The health and care professionals within our Hospitals, Doctors surgerys and Care in the
Community are at breaking point due to the stresses brought on during the pandemic, our
system was already at breaking point pre pandemic and Covid has only made it worse.

We are wanting the Government and PHA to assist these agencies.

5. Being Able to Mitigate our own Risks for CEV Diagnostic Odyssey
(Mitigating Risks)

Article 2 of the Human Rights Act protects your right to life.

This means that nobody, including the Government, can try to end your life. It also
means the Government should take appropriate measures to safeguard life by making
laws to protect you and, in some circumstances, by taking steps to protect you if your life
is at risk.

Public authorities should also consider your right to life when making decisions that
might put you in danger or that affect your life expectancy.
The courts have decided that the right to life does not include a right to die.
Separately, Protocol 13, Article 1 of the Human Rights Act makes the death penalty
illegal in the UK.

With the above definition of Article 1 and Protocol 13 of the Human Rights Act we are
campaigning to the Government including local and devolved, of the right to take steps
to protect our life if it is at risk.

We believe that the Public Authorities have not considered our right to life when they
have made key decisions and have directly put CEV, CV and Diagnostic Odyssey
families in direct danger and that our life expectancy has been affected by these
decisions. Thus completely going against Article 2 of the Human Rights Act 1998.