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Homeless Information

If you are facing homelessness please contact your local authority to make a homeless application. Higher priority is given to over 70s and Vulnerable people. 

Citizens Advice:

Provides free advice and support, they will fill out benefit forms. They can also advise you on all the local information and support available. 

Citizens advice England: 03444111444

Citizens advice Wales: 0344772020


If you are struggling for food local authorities will be able to tell you what is available in your local area. The Trussell Trust is a national service who can help get you food. 

Trussell Trust: 01722580180

Everyone in iniative:

Due to the covid pandemic the Government launched the Everyone in iniative. This means that the local authority will place you in a B&B or hostel. They will then continue to support you to find a permanent residence. 

The Next steps accommodation programme (NSAP) the local authority will provide help and funding for you to get a permanent residence. 


In order to claim benefits contact the local authority /job centre. You can use the job centre address or homeless charity etc as proof of address. 

Benefits available:


Universal Credit 

Child Benefit 



Budgeting Loan

Job centre: 08000556688

If benefits are stopped or sanctioned go to local authority who will help you by providing food and advice. You have to tell them that your money has been stopped otherwise they will not help you. 


The Post Office and HSBC provide accounts for homeless people. You can use local job centre or homeless organisations as proof of address. 


Register with a local doctor they have a legal duty to help you. Even if you have very little identification they can only refuse if they have full patient capacity. Many local authorities have set up walk in clinics. 

Street link will help put you in contact with local services. 

Street link: 03005000914

Homeless Charities:

Shelter: 08088004444

Crisis: 0800384838

Homeless Link: 02078404430

Centre Point (youth homelessness): 08005875158

Debt support:

Step Change: 08001381111

National Debt Line: 08088084000

Debt Advice Foundation: 08000434050

The Money Charity: 02070628933

Mental health and support:

Samaritans: 116123

MIND: 03001233393

Rethink: 01215227007

Mental Health Foundation: 02078031100

SANE: 03003047000

Young Minds: 02070895050