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F4VL Environmental Policy

We at F4VL are committed to identifying the environmental impact of F4VL as an organisation.

We recognise that tackling the climate crisis is critical to all our futures and we will ensure that

F4VL plays its part by adopting an appropriate environmental strategy to improve our environmental sustainability performance.

Our objective is to integrate the assessment, management and control of our environmental impact

into the management of our organisation.

We aim to be a carbon neutral organisation by 2022.


Have a full understanding of how to quantify and track our environmental impact by developing and maintaining an effective strategy for carbon emissions reduction by:


Having members of the F4VL team continue to contribute to F4VL from home, eliminating all vehicle, travel, and office premises emissions.


Continue to host our website and our cloud storage with green hosting supplied by


Offset the remainder of our emissions through and continue to support in funding

Ecologi’s climate crisis solutions including planting 100 trees per month which is an important step

to help protect our planet.


Implement initiatives to reduce the amount of waste we generate, and to maximize the percentage of our waste which is recycled.


Reducing, and where possible preventing, pollution through the effective and efficient use of resources.


Develop and implement objectives and targets to ensure a continual improvement in our environmental performance.


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